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The small coastal hamlet of Mikro is probably one of the best kept secrets in Pelion. Located directly on a beautiful and sandy beach, with perfect blue waters, Mikro truely is a slice of heaven in Pelion. By comparison to other villages in Portaria, Mikro is very small. In fact, the word "Mikro" actually means small in Greek.
The beach of Mikro is one of the most popular destinations for relaxation and swimming during the summer months in Pelion.

Located right on the beach in Mikro is where you will find "Aiolos Cafe Bar and Restaurant". With it's perfect location for summer time and the superb views of the Aegean sea on offer, Mikro is the summer time place.

At "Aiolos", we welcome you to join us for a drink or meal, whilst you enjoy the relaxing holidays that you have been dreaming about for years.

We have shades under which you can escape the hot summer sun. When the heat gets too much, just take a 20 meter walk and cool yourself off in the cold fresh sea water.
In our relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we are sure you will be able to relax, and take a seat and enjoy the natural beauty that Pelion has been blessed with.Mikro is a lovely little summer hamlet to visit when you are on holiday in Pelion, and "Aiolos" is the place to come and sit down for a drink or a tasty freshly prepared meal.

We are open everyday during the summer season, so you can be sure that we are looking forward to welcoming you here to Pelion very soon.

Greece Pelion Mikro Cafe Bars Restaurants Pilio Mikro Aiolos

Snack Bar - Restaurant
Mikro - Lafkos, Pelion Greece
Tel: ( + 30 ) 6947 832 495

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